It's the first week since the middle of December where we didn't have any snow, so that's a bonus. Doesn't mean the Z can move much because the warm weather has melted the snow, turning the roads into water and mud pits, but…whatever. Onwards.

It's the "RE5 feels like RE" argument…

Oddly enough, the debate concerning the return of the traditional "tank controls" in Resident Evil 5 doesn't seem to center on quality or accessibility. It seems to revolve around the concept of whether or not we want RE5 to "feel like" all the other REs. The logical school of thought says that regardless of tradition, this is a new generation, and Capcom can do better if they choose to. Hence, there's no excuse for the continuance of those old-fashioned controls. But then there are the survival/horror purists, who remain stoic in the belief that they don't want RE5 to feel like a regular ol' third-person action game. If they implemented those mechanics, wouldn't the "survival/horror" genre basically cease to exist? Or, at the very least, wouldn't we have to say that RE5 is no longer survival/horror? Personally, after going through the demo a few times, I'm on the fence.

I really would've preferred the fluid movement of Dead Space for RE5, and that's because the atmosphere and speed of the game is different from RE4. Regular action controls simply would've worked better. On the other hand, I do understand the other argument, because it really does feel like RE…and that's not necessarily a bad thing. So I'm torn on the issue.

You know what, Valve? Don't bother with a L4D port

So the latest update is Valve's sarcastic reply to the idea that a PS3 version of Left 4 Dead is in the works. But at this point, I gotta say…I really don't care one way or the other. If I'm going to play this game – and I fully intend to at some point – I'm going to play it on the Xbox 360. Valve's continued aversion to Sony's machine means we're going to get another inferior port, and PS3 owners aren't interested in that level of mediocrity these days. We put up with it in the first year because developers still had a lot to learn, but these days, there's really no such thing as a bad 360-to-PS3 port. Most all developers simply create a game simultaneously on both platforms, so in turn, most all multiplat titles are mostly identical to each other. But L4D would not only be very late, I get the feeling it will also suck…after all, we're talking about Valve. Didn't they turn over the port duties of The Orange Box to EA? Oh yes, that worked well. And I doubt Valve could do any better.

So really, Valve, we don't care. Just don't bother. We've got more than enough games to play on the PS3, thank you very much. I'm not saying L4D is a bad game (like I said, I want to play it), but we can make do without.

Personal gaming update

So I'm still hunting Light Seeds in Prince of Persia , just because that completionist mentality has kicked in and there's no way to kill it. I've been gaming long enough to know I really can't kill it once it solidifies itself in my brain. I'm passing on Street Fighter IV and just waiting on Killzone 2 , and then I will play Resident Evil 5 …despite any reservations I may have about the old-school controls. Beyond that, there isn't much going on, although Sony should send me the redeem code for the PSN game Flower , which releases this week. I like those little downloadable titles; they represent pleasant diversions. I've also finally completed the Valkyria Chronicles review, and yes, I'm sorry it took so long. Major swampage at the end of last year. VC is really fantastic and while I probably won't finish it, it most certainly deserves any critical acclaim it received in 2008. Really, even if it's not quite my thing, I get it. ­čÖé

In other news…well, there really isn't other news. I didn't go out tonight 'cuz I didn't feel like it, and I won't go out next week because it's Valentine's Day. Sure, there are plenty of tipsy, "I feel sorry for myself for not having a boyfriend today" chicks at the clubs on that day, but I can't take advantage of it. I haven't sunk quite that low. Not yet, anyway.

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