I know we've done a lot in the past to help defend the PlayStation 3 against a deluge of negative press, but…well, if we don't, who will? We're not about to submit to obscenely biased views and all-out falsehoods masquerading as journalism, and we believe the consumer deserves much better from this industry's media. Therefore, we do our part to clarify the skewed point-of-views, but without blindly promoting the PlayStation brand. But how's about we play the "let's all just get along card" and look at what the combination of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 brings us this generation…?

Now, for my money, the SNES/Genesis combo still reigns supreme in game history. I suppose at one point I would've liked to say PC/PS1, but as I ended up spending the majority of my time with the PS1 (vastly preferred those RPGs), it has to come in second to the 16-bit glory days. I did think very highly of my PS2/Xbox combo last generation, but I had three times as many PS2 games as Xbox games, and I really only had Microsoft's console for a few must-have exclusives ( Halo and Ninja Gaiden ) and the fact that most multiplatform games were better played on the Xbox. This generation, I'm starting to think my PS3/360 tandem will give the SNES/Genesis – previously safe aloft a seemingly unattainable quality plateau – a run for its nostalgic money. Of course, this is looking fairly deep into the future but one has to admit, things are starting off quite well.

At this point, I have 20 PS3 games and 9 360 games but bear in mind that I have a few PS3 titles that publishers sent me for review that I might not have bought on my own, and I still want a couple more 360 titles ( Fable II , Left 4 Dead , Ninja Gaiden II ). Considering what we already have after only a little over 2 years for the PS3 and 3 years for the 360, I must say that this combo has yet to let me down. The very clear sign that you have an awesome pair of consoles? When you never have any downtime . In other words, I've always had something to play on either. From MGS4 to GTAIV to Gears to Resistance to Uncharted to Fallout 3 to Prince to DMC4 to Halo to Prologue to Katamari to Dead Space to LBP and more…we've got some great stuff, and with Killzone 2 , GoWIII, FFXIII, Uncharted 2 , Alan Wake and many more on the way, I have to think that the game list for the PS3/360 this generation is going to boggle the mind when all is said and done.

Honestly, I can't really remember a time when the software lineup looked so promising, and I think my library is already off to a running start. Sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain momentum, but I don't see any signs of slowing…do you?

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