Well, February is finally here, but as this winter is effing relentless , it feels like it's never going to end. But hey, that's why we have games, right? 😉

I'm all sorts of interested in Demon's Souls

So when I heard about Dengeki's impressive Demon's Souls review , I immediately became excited. Why? Simply because the Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance s and Champions of Norrath titles were some of my favorite games of the last generation. At first, I didn't think I'd enjoy them in the slightest – due to my affinity for turn-based RPGs – but boy, I got into that hack 'n slash stuff! I played each BG:DA and CoN at least several times and I was really looking forward to Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom when the PlayStation 3 launched; I even thought it would be one of my favorite games early on. Sadly, it turned out badly and I've been hoping for another BG:DA clone ever since…it seems as if Demon's Souls is just the right fit to quench my specific thirst. Everything I hear about it makes me think, "yep, this is like a next-gen CoN." Therefore, this game has suddenly rocketed near the top of my priority list, and I really hope it doesn't let me down like Untold Legends .

Talking to Arnold now…he says he has an early build of Sacred 2 , which I guess is similar. Damnit! All this talk makes me want to go play one of those old dungeon crawlers again! Maybe this old-ass PC could still play Diablo II … I had a Lv. 47 Amazon at one point! That's all I really remember, though. LOL

Yes, I was wrong about the Square-Enix countdown

Of course, most of you probably surmised that my promoting the idea of Square-Enix "shocking" PS3 owners with their silly countdown was nothing more than wishful thinking. Well, it was. Big surprise, right? It just turned out to be another trailer , even though this one at least had never-before-seen gameplay. But I do have to say this- my excitement level for the game has never been higher. For some strange reason, it just keeps going up and up and up …perhaps it's because I'm so far removed from having completed FFXII. Or maybe it's just because I love me some FF and I'm having to wait a looooong time for the next one. The game is just drop-dead gorgeous, and after seeing some of that out-of-control, fast-paced gameplay, I can't wait to check out the new combat system. I've given up hope that I'll ever play a new turn-based RPG again, so I'm not going to whine and complain that FFXIII isn't turn-based; that would be futile. Therefore, I look to the future with open eyes and extended arms, waiting and willing to embrace whatever FFXIII turns out to be.

I'm well aware that Square-Enix is in everyone's doghouse right now – and rightly so, really – but like I said before, all will be forgiven when FFXIII drops. That, and I have high expectations for Versus XIII , too…I just need to know a little more about it, you know? CGI = pretty. But…what is this game?

Personal gaming update

I'd say I'm about halfway done with Prince of Persia , and it'll be done in plenty of time for Killzone 2 . I was pondering a Street Fighter IV purchase for a little while, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I've never been a fan of fighting games, and the only one I've bought recently is Soul Calibur IV . That's about my speed- simple, fast, and yes, I'm aware a child can play it. I've just never been any good at fighters, and I'm sure SFIV is a solid throwback to the good ol' days, and they just so happen to be the days when I couldn't play such games! I'd just watch my friends play stuff like MK in the arcades (even though I got pretty good at Mortal Kombat: Trilogy on the PlayStation). So KZ2 is definitely next on the list, and after that, Resident Evil 5 . As a "wind-down" of sorts, I finished up Magic Ball , that little downloadable title I reviewed. I really like what Creat Studios/Tik Games is doing – and thankfully, they think highly of us, too – so I'm hoping for more redeem codes in the future. 😉

As for any personal news…well, there really isn't any. Went out again tonight just to chat with a few ladies here and there, but I didn't see much in the way of exciting prospects. There were some I would label as "temps" (i.e., someone to just pass the time with occasionally), but that's about it. 'sigh' I don't want to brag or sound pompous – because I'm not that way – but club chicks aren't always the sharpest cutlasses on the rack. …big respect to anyone who can name the game the preceding statement comes from! 🙂