Well, I figure everyone is sick of reading introductions these days, so I never bother. You know that by now. 😉

No, I do NOT want digital media

When the possibility of a PlayStation 4 without an optical disc drive popped up, I turned around in my chair and glanced over at my video game collection. My game collection consists of 40 PS1, 56 PS2, 20 PS3, 7 Xbox 360, 15 Xbox, 14 SNES, and 12 GameBoy. Yes, this does take up some space, and I fully understand the benefits of games coming to us in digital formats. But I really don't like this idea. Look, call me old-fashioned, but I think the box a game comes in is part of the whole experience. It's not just about going down to the store and watching the clerk put that shiny new game in the bag, and your brain is already imagining all the fun you're going to have…no, it goes well beyond that. Publishers put a lot of effort into box art and I, for one, appreciate a great-looking box for my game. And as a collector, I like being able to look at the collection! It's soooo not the same thing to boot up a machine and look at a bunch of files on the screen; how is that satisfying for any collector of…well, anything?

I'm all for advancement and progression, but there are some steps that need not be taken, in my humble opinion. I don't have a problem with downloadable content and even a few full titles on the Store like we have now, but to have physical media disappear entirely? Man, I'll be pissed . Perhaps the new generation of gamers won't get it, but I will always maintain that a big part of being a fan is having those boxes and the discs. Period.

Heavy Rain will rule the school

Although we've all been swamped with new games over the past couple of months, I haven't stopped thinking about Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain . Thankfully, it came back to the forefront with this past week's news that centered on the game's vital statistics . Everyone should be pretty excited by what they see there, because it's clear that this project is "spared no expense." While there are plenty of naysayers out there who say the game will be too short, too much like a movie, or not dynamic enough, all I have to say in reply is this: I expect a fantastic story, a game I'll want to play through more than once, and perhaps even a borderline revolutionary style of gameplay. I distinctly remember Indigo Prophecy , and while I had a few issues with the gameplay, the story and atmosphere were quite memorable. Basically, I'm anticipating the next step in this interesting genre, and I really don't want anything less. What with all the action games out there these days, I think I could definitely use something like Heavy Rain .

Personal gaming update

So I beat Dead Space , which was an awesome game despite a few frustrating moments towards the end. I was really tempted to go back through it – you get to start a new game with everything you acquired in your first play-through, including all upgrades – but I figure we're close enough to Christmas now…and I've got plenty of games on my list. 😉 Besides, I downloaded echochrome a few days ago, and although it effing hurts my brain, I really love the concept. I'm really not very good at it – it took me like an hour and a half to do all the A stages – but it's something I will certainly play from time to time. Well worth the $10, I think. I'm still considering Eternal Sonata , though, and it may turn out to be an impulse buy of some kind. I really did enjoy my time with it, and the market is so devoid of RPGs these days, I'm almost getting to the point where I'll take anything I can get. Of course, I really don't have the time to play and finish it, but that kind of logic rarely influences impulse buys. 😉

As for my personal romantic triangle saga, things have happened, but I think I'll wait a bit before I put it into another editorial. 😉

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