Well, personal sagas aside, there are other subjects I'm willing to talk about this week. πŸ˜‰

Please don't ignore Assault on Dark Athena

There are a few reasons why I'm issuing this plea. First of all, because this is a PlayStation-oriented website, I understand that an abnormally low number of people here have played Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay when it released back in 2004 on the Xbox. Secondly, we shouldn't forget just how good that game was, and it's the sole reason I'm thoroughly pumped for Assault on Dark Athena next year. Now, I understand four years have elapsed since then, so the primary concern is that this remake/sequel will appear outdated to next-gen gamers. However, EfBB was well ahead of its time back then, and with updated high-def visuals, I think it could hold its own. Furthermore, I would assume the developers will adapt to the new generation with the new 10-hour campaign in the game, which means we can expect something fairly impressive. Then there's the addition of the new multiplayer – featuring two very original game modes – that ought to appeal to just about everyone (that "Pitch Black" mode sounds awesome!).

I'm aware it probably can't stand up to the likes of Killzone 2 , but seriously, don't just dismiss this as another remake, or because you're expecting last-gen concepts. I think that'd be a crucial mistake. While "The Chronicles of Riddick" movie wasn't very good, the game (only loosely based on the movies) was absolutely fantastic, and my favorite of 2004 except for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas . Here, check out the debut trailer if you don't believe me that this one has crazy potential…

Prince is really fun; add it to your wish list now

So I just finished the Prince of Persia review, and as you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game. Unfortunately, Ubisoft didn't send us this one (which is strange in retrospect, because we got both Far Cry 2 and Tom Clancy's EndWar ), so I played a copy one of my friend's picked up this past week. Of course, I didn't finish it, but I certainly hope to get it for Christmas so I can play through it fully and really appreciate it. I really loved Sands of Time in the last generation – it's still one of my favorite games ever – and although I wasn't sure how this new-look, new-feel Prince would turn out, all my concerns washed away in the first hour. I know many of you have already dropped a big chunk of change on any number of the fantastic titles that released between October and November, but unfortunately, you need one more in 2008. Trade in stuff, put it on a Christmas list, put a second mortgage on the house; whatever you have to do. Okay, it's not that crucial; it's not a drop-dead amazing gem of a game, but it's certainly one of the year's best.

I think what I like most about it is the dichotomy I mention in the first paragraph of my gameplay breakdown. Even though you can do so much more than in any other installment in the franchise, it feels simpler and more streamlined. You're almost fooled into thinking it's more straightforward and even a step back in terms of complexity and intricacy, but it's not true. You'll soon realize just how much fun this game is…I promise.

Personal gaming update

Well, because I now know I'm probably getting PoP for Christmas, I'm just going to wait. I haven't finished Dead Space just because it's actually a good deal longer than I initially thought (12 chapters will take me about 15 hours, I think), but I should finish it this week. After that, we're close enough to December 25 so I may just wait; besides, I've already spent plenty on gifts for other people. Thing is, those who don't know me may call me cheap because I typically don't spend a lot of money. But while that's true, there's a major addition to that fact: I'm cheap with myself ; not with others. Let's put it this way: I spent more on gifts in the last two weeks then I would normally spend on myself in three months time. No human who has ever received anything from me would dare to call me cheap; that's a damn fact. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I might just replay Mirror's Edge , as I said last week. Either that, or I'll succumb and pop in FFT or FFVII yet again…why? Because it's just something I do from time to time, and that's all I can say about it. LOL

As for this girl, the Pretentious Jackass, and the mini-soap opera I've got going, there isn't much new to report. She slept here last night, we did not do anything (although she tried to kiss me before she left and I didn't let her), and we're supposed to hang out tomorrow. No idea where this nonsense is going right now, but I greatly appreciate all the feedback I've received from our loyal readers; many of whom I'd like to call friends or at least friendly acquaintances now. Just the type of community I want for this place. Don't worry, though; we remain firmly focused on games…I won't be turning this into a personal BLOG, or anything. You may see some updates from me in editorial form every few weeks or something, but other than that, we remain committed to producing the best and most up-to-date PlayStation-related content on the Internet. Trust me on that. πŸ™‚