Okay, after a bit of a hiatus due to work craziness that probably won't stop until after Thanksgiving, I can squeeze in one of my patented Week in Reviews. Can't disappoint the fans. 😉

Hot girls okay in games, but not okay to promote games?

I'm sorry, but I'm not getting this phenomenon. Last week, we stumbled across Activision's Guitar Hero: World Tour TV ad campaign featuring the blonde bombshell, Heidi Klum . Now, first of all, too many gamers still won't acknowledge that this industry has graduated into the realm of big business, so they freak out when publishers institute this kind of marketing. But I suppose my question is, why ? I think I understand the concept of keeping gaming away from the big, oppressive hand of corporate crap – when we were kids, models wouldn't promote a video game on TV – but why are there so many negative reactions? This negativity comes specifically from gamers, and I've come to the conclusion that it's due to one of two reasons: 1. they don't like the fact that celebrities who probably aren't gamers are getting paid to promote a product they know nothing about. But if it's this reason, that's bizarre, because this happens in every industry.

So perhaps it's reason #2. Maybe it's because they don't like the fact that one of those girls who never in a million years would've spoken to us 15-20 years ago are now trying to pretend they're part of the culture. Am I in the ballpark? The weird part is, these same people apparently have no problem whatsoever with virtual hotties…so maybe if someone like Klum were in the game instead of advertising it, you wouldn't mind so much. Heh.

Pray to the Gods that it's true!

So the latest rumor is that Gran Turismo 5 might actually release some time this coming spring . Of course, we can't put much stock in the source, as it comes from an Auto magazine, but I'd loooove it if GT5 came out that early. Yamauchi has already laughed at the idea that it wouldn't come out until 2010, and if it's funny enough to laugh at, it's absurd enough to imply that a spring launch might be plausible. These days, the only racing game I always make room for is GT, and that's because I love the simulated racers. Furthermore, now that I own a sports car, I have more of a vested interest in the concept of very fast vehicles traveling at very fast speeds around a special track. I'm always tempted to do something stupid in the Z – can't do it; care too much about my baby – but the only realistic way of taking my car out onto a track to see what it can do is through GT. I suppose I could sign up for some track time up at Lime Rock, but, uh…I think it might be uber-expensive.

On top of which, think about it, PS3 fans- we had MGS4 and R2 this year, Killzone 2 is in February, and if GT5 really can make it in the first half of the year, that's the fourth PS3 exclusive in less than a year that absolutely blows away the competition. Think your purchase was worth it now ?

Personal gaming update

Yeah, it's all about Resistance 2 for me right now. Regardless of any flak I may receive, I stand by that review – as I stand by all my reviews – and I will fight you if you want to take it that far. 😉 If it weren't for MGS4 and GTAIV already blowing me away this year, R2 would be my choice for Game of the Year. Of course, I haven't had the chance to play LittleBigPlanet , Dead Space , or Gears of War 2 yet, but you gotta give me a break. I've been so swamped with reviews (and I'm still swamped), that I'm lucky I've even been able to play what I have. R2 is so kick-ass, I go out of my way to make time for that, and I'm sure I'd do the same with those other titles I listed. Oh yeah, and I really want to play Mirror's Edge next week, but at least I don't need it immediately; Arnold is handling the review.

And just so I can vent for a bit: I was supposed to go out tonight; a friend and I were going to hit up Ultra 88 – it's a nightclub in the Mohegan Sun – because, as you may have noticed , I'm a little burned out. I just wanted to relax and maybe talk to a few of those female types. Little black dresses everywhere and all that. But as we're leaving, I realize my friend is wearing tan cargo pants, and I'm thinking…"that might not fit in under the dress code." In comparison, I'm wearing dress pants, shoes, socks, belt, shirt and a black sport jacket. That's what you should wear. But he says he got in last Friday wearing those pants, so I didn't worry. Then we get there and the dude at the door says we can't get in because they have different dress standards for Saturday.

I should've known. And he was too tired to go back and change – and he drove – so I just had to go home. I was so pissed, I just had to go out and drive around to relieve some stress. But I'm still pissed. 🙁