Things are already rolling full steam ahead into the holiday season, so from here on out, it's games, games, games! ­čÖé

Resistance 2 beta…damn good stuff

I will be posting a full hands-on preview at some point before the final game launches, but this is kinda like a mini preview. Things are starting to move – we told you about the updated MyResistance site – and although I know a few of you have had trouble getting an invite, I'm hoping everybody who deserves one will get in. If you don't, you're missing out. It may just be a beta and while it was all screwed up before the 1.02 software patch, everything is now smooth and endlessly entertaining. You can choose between Cooperative and Competitive play and although the former is limited to 8 players, the latter lets up to 60 players in one contest; most of you knew all about that earlier this year. I think you can only put 60 players on one certain map, but I was involved in one with 58 players in a Team Deathmatch and it was absolutely out of control . LOL I had to alter the controls a bit and I also had to get used to a few things, but it's mostly the Resistance I remember with one big change: it's a good deal faster.

I'm not sure if I'm remembering the online multiplayer correctly in Fall of Man , but I'm relatively certain everything moves more at an Unreal Tournament clip in Resistance 2 . It also seems to take more firepower to bring down an opponent, although it's not too noticeable. I still need a lot more time with it, but so far, the beta is just about everything I could hope for. I really can't wait for the single-player campaign in the full game, though…the footage for that is insane.

See, I TOLD you Bioshock rules

So Arnold's Bioshock review is up, and it basically verifies everything I've been saying about this game for months. If you're one of the unfortunate many who plan to dismiss this game as "just a year-old port," and you've never played Bioshock , you don't deserve to own a next-gen console. Period. And all that nonsense spreading around the Internet about how it's not as good as the Xbox 360 version is inaccurate and misleading, so don't give in to that silly train of thought, either. I've already traded in my 360 copy just so I have an excuse to buy and play this game again. I won't be able to get around to it until after the holidays – there are about 73000 games coming out in the next few months – but that's okay. It's really all about the amazing atmosphere in 2K's engaging FPS; IMO, it's unparalleled in this generation thus far. I suppose if we're talking about total immersion factor, both GTAIV and MGS4 would have to top my list, but in regards to an original and intriguing setting, Bioshock is unmatched.

So anyway, all I'm saying is that if you're holding some sort of ridiculous grudge against 2K for making this game a timed 360 exclusive, I suggest you get over it. Don't let that adolescent viewpoint stop you from playing a great game. Seriously.

Personal gaming update

Um…well, there's a pile of games over there. Mostly all for review, although there are a few I actually want to play for my own reasons. I haven't finished either Yakuza 2 or Wipeout HD yet (I'm probably 2/3 done with one and I've reached the 6th tier on the other), I'm playing the Resistance 2 beta as you already know, I've got Fracture to review, I just finished playing a whole lot of Saints Row 2 (review coming late Monday), and this week, I've got to find a way to get to Far Cry 2 and Golden Axe: Beast Rider . Oh yeah, SOCOM: Confrontation is in there somewhere, too; the only good part about that so far is I got the nifty headset in the review package Sony sent me. That thing is pretty sweet. They'll be sending me Legendary this week probably, and I still need to find a way to lay hands on Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway and NBA Live 09 …jesus. What's a critic to do?

Well, anyway, if you include news, previews, videos, screenshots, features, newsletters, etc., I'm pretty well swamped. So although I'd like to set up games to play with fellow beta players around here, please don't ask. I just can't make that happen right now. Maybe when things calm down a bit in the middle part of November I can go online with Resistance 2 , but not until then. Can't wait for Thanksgiving! Might finally be able to rest my eyes. Heh.

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