Quick note: This is in lieu of my normal Week in Review, in case any regular readers are wondering.

For the most part, we're not into mud-slinging, and we're not about to start here by targeting certain sites and casting aspersions on their efforts. But as I peruse the Internet every day for work purposes, I've seen most every PlayStation-related news and media resource online, and while I also don't really believe in shameless self-promotion, I believe we are unique in a variety of ways. Shouldn't that be worthy of attention?

Look, here's the deal- we will not bombard you with ads, no matter where you go on our site. And because we don't jam seven million animations onto the front page, we also have one of the fastest-responding sites anywhere. This is a testament to the guys behind the scenes, of course. We recently overhauled the site – updating from the older look – and I think the community has responded very well to the change. At least one PSXE member is working on something 7 days a week, most every day of the year, and that's saying a lot because we have a small staff. We update all our media (videos and screenshots) on a weekly basis, and we pride ourselves on keeping any and all PlayStation news-seekers completely up-to-date. Check back over the week's updates to check for yourself; did we miss anything even remotely significant? I don't think we did. If it's PS2, PSP or PS3-related, we typically have it covered. Fast.

When you wake up in the morning on any day of the week, we've got at least a few updates for you already, and we add more as the day goes on. We may not get every single review up immediately – like I said, it's an admittedly small staff – but when they do go up, I dare you to find deeper or more informative reviews. We keep our previews updated as well, and here's something else everyone needs to realize: we are not biased towards Sony just because the site is limited to PlayStation content. We reported the same doom and gloom regarding the PS3 as everyone else, and if we have opinions, we express them in editorials and don't blast you over the head with them in news articles. We also write all news updates correctly and professionally, citing appropriate sources and giving you the information you need. We do this 'cuz we love to do it, and because we're positive our readers appreciate it.

John and I have an extensive background in entertainment journalism outside of gaming, and Arnold is the veteran who will equal any other journalist's overall industry knowledge. Val and Dan do an awesome job behind the scenes. Thing is, when you see a news article, preview, or review, it was written by a professional, and I'm sorry to say, you can't be guaranteed of that at other sites. But here's another guarantee from us- we are almost always accessible. I have responded to every e-mail I've seen for over two years, and our loyal readers will attest to that. Ask us questions! We'll answer them. It's a damn shock, isn't it? Go to GameSpot or IGN and try that. We keep our Comment section as civil and intelligent as possible, and again, I challenge anyone to find a feedback section for articles on another site that's better. We go out of our way to eliminate problematic posters, and that includes both trolls (LAMLAMLAM, Sony sucks) and the Sony fanboys who bash on other systems. We don't tolerate that kind of thing and never will.

See, that's probably our best feature. Our community is great . We have to thank all those readers who have dropped well over 100 comments per day on all our content, and didn't trash the new Comment system with a bunch of inane responses. You guys have impressed us with your knowledge and general good mood, which is exactly what we want. This is supposed to be a fun hobby; we want people to be in a good mood and have fun when they're here. We'd like more activity in the forums, but that's going up slowly but surely, and the more quality members we get, the better off we'll be. In short, here's the breakdown of what PSXE gives you-

Sure, you could find one or two of those features at other sites, but it's tough to find them all in one place. PSX Extreme has worked to become your #1 PlayStation resource, and we'll continue to work to convince the unbelievers. Try us out; sign up to get the newsletter, check to see what our weekly Best of the Best poll is, chat with the guys in the forum or contribute to the comments, or just wander on over every day to take a quick peek. If you own a Sony platform – especially the PS3 these days – you will not find a better resource. We promise. 🙂