I know the whole world is gaga over LittleBigPlanet , but as that's not my type of thing, I'm going to address a few other topics of interest.

Don't forget the first good, true-blue PS3 JRPG

Yep, Eternal Sonata launches on the same day as LittleBigPlanet , and if I had to get one…well, you know what I'd pick, my fellow RPG-loving brethren. I've often complained about the lack of RPGs this generation, and while I didn't get the chance to play this one on the Xbox 360, I don't want to pass on the opportunity to try the best version on the PS3. The only thing that concerns me is that hybrid real-time/turn-based combat, which isn't my favorite thing in the world. I still prefer traditional turn-based but as that style is most certainly – and most unfortunately – DEAD, I'll have to settle for the battle mechanics found in JRPGs like Eternal Sonata . I do like the concept of the game, and even though I'm not a fan of anime, the artistic side of the production doesn't turn me off. I know a ton of unbelievably great games are on the way, so I won't be getting this one immediately, but perhaps it hits my Christmas list…

The reviews for the 360 version were good, I expect the reviews for the superior PS3 version to be even better, and in all honesty, I just really want to play an RPG over the next few months. Yeah, there's all kinds of action games like Resistance 2 , Gears of War 2 , Far Cry 2 , Dead Space , MotorStorm: Pacific Rift , Bioshock , etc., but no high-profile RPGs besides Fable II . I liked the original just fine, but in my quest to find anything even remotely resembling an old-school RPG, I really only have one choice.

And speaking of RPGs, how's about that 1080p for WKC?

Last week, we learned that White Knight Chronicles would be the very first RPG – in history, we presume – to present its stunning visuals in glorious 1080p high-definition . And as I happen to have a TV capable of that resolution, I'm sure to benefit from that extra effort by Level 5. At first, I didn't really care too much about high definition; games were games, and I've always placed gameplay well above graphics on my priority list. I still do that, of course, but after seeing certain titles in 1080p HD, like Gran Turismo 5: Prologue and Wipeout HD , I can't imagine going back to standard definition. Even the regular HD at 720p looks downright amazing (where would MGS4 have been without HD?), and when I hear about games that natively support 1080p; well, I get very…comfortable. There's just something about the amazing clarity and detail such a picture provides, and it does wonders in the game world.

On that same note, I wish there were more movies I wanted to buy on Blu-Ray. I only own four right now and while I do look around for new ones to buy, I just can't seem to find any I really want. I've found most films to be so insulting and stupid over the past few years that I really only watch like two a year, so that's probably the reason. But man…"Pan's Labyrinth" on Blu-Ray. Oooooh…

Personal gaming update

Well, I'm about 10 hours into Yakuza 2 now – expect a review soon – and I am enjoying it. I do hope to finish it, but now that I have Wipeout HD , I'm going to be splitting time between the two. Thing is, I may not finish both before some of the bigger October releases come out that I want to play, and if that happens, I may never complete Yakuza 2 . Good game, though. As I said before, I'm not really interested in LittleBigPlanet , but I will want to play the PS3 version of Bioshock because the 360 version was basically my favorite game of 2007. On top of which, there's Eternal Sonata and Dead Space , the latter of which I continue to have high hopes for. And then, just as I have a second or two to breathe, Resistance 2 comes out on November 4 with Gears of War 2 not long after. Oh, and let's not forget I'm part of the R2 beta, which should begin in a little over a week.

I'll provide impressions on that, obviously. I think we're all super crazy psyched for the kick-ass FPS that will be Resistance 2 . See you in the beta! ­čÖé

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