Games, games, everywhere! As if I'm going to complain about something like that. ANYwho…

Don't forget Wipeout just because it's downloadable

Does anyone recall the sensation generated by the first couple of Wipeout games back on the original PlayStation? I do. A friend of mine and I couldn't believe just how accomplished those titles were; even back then, the gameplay was smooth as silk and the speed was outrageously fast. I still believe Wipeout XL is one of the best games on the PS1, which is why I'm thoroughly psyched for the upcoming Wipeout HD . I recently spoke with an SCEA member who has been playing it on his debug unit in preparation for a press event (guess he'll be unveiling it), and he says it rocks. He wasn't prepared to issue a price and release date, but he would say it's coming "soon" and for a "bargain" price. Now, just because it's a downloadable title doesn't mean you should pass this up; not only will it be very cheap in comparison to new games at GameStop, but it should also be excellent. In fact, it could be one of the better releases of the year!

I always thought the name was iffy, though…I mean, who's going to notice that? Won't everyone just believe it's a simple ol' remake with updated visuals? I still think it should have a whole new name, but whatever; I'm still going to get it, and my expectations really couldn't be higher.

PS3 holiday lineup = next-gen goodness

This is probably the first year where one could make the argument that the PlayStation 3 has the best software lineup heading into the holidays. SCEA's Jack Tretton couldn't help but remind consumers that their lineup may be unparalleled: Resistance 2 , LittleBigPlanet , Bioshock , SOCOM: Confrontation , MotorStorm: Pacific Rift , and more…and that's only exclusive titles we're talking about. These days, we probably shouldn't have to worry about piss-poor ports – developers have become more comfortable with the intricate PS3 hardware – and this is why gamers shouldn't have to opt for the 360 versions of games like Far Cry 2 , Prince of Persia , Dead Space , Mirror's Edge , and Call of Duty: World at War . Furthermore, given the still-relevant aspects regarding Blu-Ray, the free Network, better reliability, the much lower price (in comparison to launch prices), etc., retailers shouldn't have any trouble selling PS3s this holiday season.

Of course, I know a whole lot of GameStop employees are major Xbots these days, but that's okay. Does anyone actually listen to anything those bag stuffers say?

Personal gaming update

As some of you already know, I've finished Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots , and I was mighty happy with the experience. Seriously, I thought maybe Arnold and I would have a long discussion regarding Game of the Year ( Grand Theft Auto IV is the main competition, of course), but unless Resistance 2 or LittleBigPlanet are drop-dead amazing…well, there won't be much of a discussion. Anyway, as I wait for Wipeout HD , I've decided to pick up Yakuza 2 this week. I really liked the original quite a bit, we need a review for it, and I need a new game to play. For a good dose of comedy, I traded in the 360 version of Bioshock for Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2 . When I did so, I said to the dude behind the counter, "there's a method to this madness, I swear." See, I'm definitely getting the PS3 version of Bioshock , anyway, and DoAX2 has dropped to a measly $10. It ain't worth $60; let's face it.

But the original was a guilty pleasure of mine, and yes, I DO like the volleyball in it. They've streamlined it a lot in the sequel, too – points don't last for hours and matches don't last for years – and there's more silly stuff to do. Butt Battle on a float in the pool? Water slides? Photographing the lounging ladies? Come on , Tecmo; you guys are shameless. You can guess that from the opening video, though, where two girls sit licking an ice cream cone. The same ice cream cone. HaHA. Well, whatever. I find it relaxing, and it'll be better once I rip my own songs into the game like I did with the first game. ­čÖé

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