Just got back from a weekend away, so this is a little late, but I always got stuff to say. ­čśë

White Knight Chronicles isn't popular enough

Maybe it's just because the mainstream RPGs are the only ones that seem to get any gaming press at all, or maybe it's just because the game has fallen off the radar for so long. But either way, Level 5's White Knight Chronicles simply isn't getting enough attention these days, even after the announcement of the Japanese release date . That's December 11, as you can see, so shouldn't role-playing fans be just a bit more excited? I'm aware it won't come out here at the same time, but even so, it seems like the first big PS3 exclusive RPG of the generation, and I would've expected more in the way of anticipation. I dunno…maybe it just proves that the genre is waning in popularity, simply because there are more casual gamers than ever. Obviously, the casuals have no interest in RPGs, and given the major shift in the industry over the past decade or so to encompass the larger casual demographic, the RPG has clearly fallen by the wayside. I already did my editorial on the fate of the turn-based RPG , and this kinda factors in.

So damnit, if there are any WKC followers out there, post here and tell me! I know for a fact I'm not alone in my anticipation for this game (at least, I better not be), and I just want some of you RPG fans out there to get my back. Seriously. ­čÖé

Oh, leave Jaffe alone

Yeah, he said it. Can we move on now? As soon as David Jaffe made that comment about Sarah Palin on his blog, the entire Internet lit up like the Northern Lights and a lot of people – of course – took offense. Perhaps saying Palin is "the perfect definition of a MILF" is a bit off-color, but last I checked, blogs were a perfect place to exercise our right to free speech. And while it can be construed as offensive; technically speaking, it's a compliment! A crude compliment, to be sure, but a compliment nonetheless. And he never once said that's all she has going for her; he simply said what most red-blooded middle-aged American men are thinking. And yeah, that picture's gotta be 10 years old, but I'm only 30 and I can admit that woman is pretty darn attractive. I wouldn't use the phrasing Jaffe chose, but I know for a fact he's probably hearing all sorts of backlash. Well, give it a rest, ya easily-offended no-lifers. Jaffe could've chosen his terminology better, but even so, his comment is little more than amusing.

I just find it ironic that such an outcry would go all the way to #1 at N4G. What the hell? That's the only reason I put it up on this site; otherwise, I really couldn't possibly care less about politics. So if anyone of you are worried that we'll start trying to work in the presidential race into our stories from now on, you can stop worrying.

Personal gaming update

As I said earlier, I'm desperately trying to savor MGS4. I just finished Act 4 and started Act 5, and that was serious kick-ass stuff; loved it to pieces. But sadly, the whole experience will probably come to an end this week, and I need another option. Anybody have any grand ideas? I'm still playing through Alundra – which is fun – but I'm looking around for something new; perhaps Mercenaries 2: World in Flames , or something. I'm not a Star Wars fan so The Force is Unleashed is out for me, and I also don't really want MotorStorm: Pacific Rift in early October. I suppose the next game I get will be the PS3 version of Bioshock ; I'll trade in the 360 version for it, just so I can play it again. Unless someone has another idea between now and then, this is the way it'll stay…

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