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PS3 owners can't pass on Bioshock

If you don't like Microsoft or the Xbox 360, fine. If you prefer the PlayStation 3, fine. But whatever you do, don't let those viewpoints get in the way of playing a truly fantastic game. It was quite possibly my favorite game of 2007, and I'll probably trade in my 360 version to buy the PS3 version…just so I have an excuse to play through the game again. 🙂 Plus, there's even more incentive with all the downloadable content I never got, plus the exclusive extras coming only a few days later. October 21 is the release date, and I strongly suggest you don't wait until Christmas to give 2K's amazing shooter a try. I've seen too many comments from people who say they "don't want to play a one-year-old game" or something to that effect, and that's a counterproductive train of thought. That insinuates the game has been outclassed by other titles in 2008, and therefore, you've generated a reason to miss out on an instant classic.

Well, it may be true that GTAIV and MGS4 have indeed eclipsed Bioshock – and I believe they did – but that doesn't change the fact that 2K's product is still a must-play. It should definitely be on your list if you're a PS3 owner, and I seriously doubt anyone will be disappointed.

A PS3 RPG? Wow, it's going to exist?

Considering the extreme lack of RPGs on the PS3 so far this generation, I can't help but be thoroughly psyched for White Knight Chronicles . The latest rumor says we might see Level 5's great-looking RPG at this year's Tokyo Game Show , which means perhaps it's closer to release than we expected…? I don't know, but I can hope. I still remember seeing the first gameplay video for the game at last year's TGS, and I instantly wanted it. The combat system does seem intriguing, and I really liked the transition between battle and exploring with your party members. Besides, Dragon Quest VIII was one of my favorite RPGs on the PS2, and while I know WKC won't be anything like DQVIII, it's still the same developer. Hence, I expect nothing but top-notch quality and a long and involving experience, so don't let me down, guys! The only thing I'm worried about at this point is that with all this waiting, the anticipation level is growing with every passing day. If they don't deliver…the repercussions will be bad .

If you're an RPG fan and you don't have your eyes and ears open, waiting for the next White Knight Chronicles update, than there's something wrong with you. Everyone keeps talking about FF, but nobody should overlook this one, regardless of how far off it may be.

Personal gaming update

Well, I just started Act 4 in MGS4, and Arnold tells me it's the best of the game. That's pretty impressive, considering how kick-ass the experience has been so far, but I probably shouldn't be surprised. Konami smacked this one out of the park; there's no doubt about it. However, I'm very disappointed in that when I'm done…I won't have any new games to play. I had planned to get Infinite Undiscovery even despite the average review scores, but that's only because I thought it would be a traditional turn-based RPG. I know I'll love WKC and the FFs, which won't be turn-based, but those games will also be vastly superior to titles like Infinite Undiscovery , Eternal Sonata , and Tales of Vesperia . And every once in a while, I want my turn-based fix. Sadly, I think those days are over because it seems we'll never see that gameplay mechanic again.